Are you hiring or soon to be hiring? Would you like to secure the top talent in the market?


The talent market is extremely tight right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hire the best candidates for your business!


Since the Covid-19 pandemic came into the picture, our worlds have turned upside down. Instead of working in the office, most of us were working from home. However, now that many companies have made it mandatory to return to the office some candidates may have second thoughts. They might have lingering concerns about staying healthy or be reluctant to change the routines they’ve established over the past year. Especially since they replaced their daily commutes with an extra hour of sleep, exercise, or more quality time with their families, and everyone loves that right.


So, what can you do to encourage them to return to the office?


Below are 5 strategies that can help you convince your employees to come back to the office.


  1. Allow remote options with some guidance


Research shows that most employees still prefer to work in the office, and only 12% would prefer working at home permanently. Offer these employees a more flexible working option, just make sure to have some ground rules around when they should be available to collaborate in person and remotely.


  1. Provide training opportunities


Your company is the perfect place for your employees to find mentors, whether it’s through formal mentorship programs or more casual interactions. You can host regular company-wide training programs to give everyone a reason to get back together and build a stronger community along with the additional knowledge and experience gained from the training. This will show your employees you care and are invested in their future.


  1. Provide employees with the right tools to do their jobs


Since working from home, employees are likely to have new or different needs for their mental and physical well-being. And the easier it is for them to explore and access what they need while on-site or in the office, the more likely they will want to be there. This can include project management software, programs, training materials, and ongoing education. Give them the support that they need and they will surely be willing to go back to the office.


  1. Team-building activities are essential in elevating your team


When most of your workforce came to the office every day, there were more opportunities for casual interactions at the coffee machine or in the breakroom. Now that your workplace will likely have more variable schedules and flexible seating, you’ll need to find new, creative ways to help everyone reconnect. Encourage them to participate in local community service opportunities and team-building activities. Activities, where they can see the impact of their collective efforts, can give them a greater sense of purpose and meaning. Plus, it can also forge friendships that can make coming back to the office more desirable.


  1. Provide competitive benefits packages


A competitive package can not only attract great talents, but it can also help retain them too. Try offering your employees more mental and behavioral benefits, such as counseling, telehealth, coping, and prevention. You can also offer additional insurance or more paid holidays.


When your employees can feel more comfortable, at ease, welcomed, and appreciated, they will more likely want to go back to the office. And if you need help assembling your dream team, do not hesitate to reach out to us!