As we grow more and faster into the digital age, there are many ways to look for and apply to jobs. If you are submitting your resume to all platforms, the one you shouldn’t forget is LinkedIn. It’s always good to have your information ready for Facebook applications, various job sites, and the traditional resume and cover letter document. But, one avenue you should not neglect is the professional social networking platform, LinkedIn.

The majority of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly to network, recruit, and verify information on profiles. Follow these tips to ensure your online presence aligns with your resume.

Make sure the information on your LinkedIn profile matches the content on your resume. It may look like you are deceiving if you have different content in different places. You want to give the impression that you are consistent and pay attention to detail. Keep in mind that content doesn’t necessarily have to match word for word, just job titles and the positions’ overall concepts. 

Avoid including statistics and confidential client information. The internet has been around long enough for you to understand that whatever is introduced to it is there for EVERYONE to see, and it is hard to erase. Keep the confidential information reserved for the interview or a privately submitted portfolio.

Your profile picture should be a recent headshot picture. This doesn’t mean you need to get professional headshots made. Just make sure that it is a clear picture with a neutral background. With the people’s deception on the internet in this digital age, you want these recruiters to know what you look like and know that you are real. Make sure your face takes up 60% of the picture, that it is recent, and (this may sound obvious, but…) that it looks like you.

Include your skills in your profile. The skills portion of your profile is a tool that you should use to your advantage. Since recruiters use keywords to search LinkedIn profiles, the more skills you post to your profile, the more it will show up in searches. The skills you list on your profile should reflect what is included in your job descriptions and achievements.

Keep it simple, professional, and non-confrontational. Yes, you are a professional with strong opinions, but unless you are a poli-sci major looking to be a leading politician, leave that off your profile. With most positions, neutrality will prevail. You don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention.

If you have your LinkedIn profile set up correctly, you will get messages and emails from recruiters almost daily. If you are not getting recruited for positions you desire, then continue to change your content while keeping in line with your skills to get the offers you want.

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