As a beginner, you might find answering interview questions challenging and can be confused during your interview. This is quite normal for candidates appearing before Hiring Managers.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you ace your interview and interview questions, land your dream job, limit your doubts, and dodge all the bumps in your interview journey like a pro.

Job Interview

Broad Interview Questions

During the initial ten minutes of your interview, the Hiring Manager will likely ask some pretty broad questions. You may be asked questions like: “Tell me something about yourself,” or “How did you hear about our company?”

Candidates can at times get confused as to how to answer these interview questions. The best way to tackle them is to talk about your relevant skills, interests, and experience in the field, followed by a brief overview of your goals.


Skills And Strategies

Whenever you are asked to talk about your skills, it is better to own whichever ones you possess and describe them confidently. Hiring Managers do not want to hear your life story, so the appropriate answer would be mentioning:

  • A brief description of your set of skills relevant to the job
  • Your smart insights to improve productivity
  • Your goals to compete in a healthy environment
  • The efforts you’ve made to continuously improve your skills

A smart choice of words can assure the company of your dedication and self-confidence.


Questions Related to Your Previous Job: It is common practice for Hiring Managers to ask you questions like, “Why did you leave your last job?”

The best way to answer these types of questions is to mention reasonable points such as:

  • Your previous job didn’t provide the opportunities you were seeking
  • Your previous job didn’t offer chances for you to be productive
  • The work environment was not sufficiently healthy or competitive


Odd Questions

You might be asked odd, out-of-the-box questions which might perplex you initially. Giving an appropriate answer to these isn’t as simple as it might seem. Some common questions are:

  • “What is your superpower?”
  • “What will you do if you were granted three wishes?”
  • “What would you do if you won the lottery?”


Don’t get confused with such questions; instead, take your time and think of creative answers. These questions are usually asked to divert the conversation in another direction and help the Hiring Manager judge a person’s ability to cope up with odd and tricky situations.


Counter Interview Questions  

At some point, Hiring Managers will ask you if you have any questions about the position of the company. This is a golden opportunity to:

  • Ask about anything that you require clarification on regarding the position
  • Ask questions about the company to show you researched what they are all about and what their goals are
  • Ask about the expected date of hire and timelines.

This will show them that you are being proactive and that you are very interested in joining their team.


Some of the questions that you can ask are:

  1. “What are the top challenges being faced by the company at present?”
  2. “What are the career growth opportunities that I can avail myself of by joining your company?”
  3. “How does a typical workday at the company function like?”


There is ample material for you to be mentally prepared to tackle the interview. These points will surely help get you a step ahead in achieving your desired job. After thoroughly assessing your interpersonal skills, you will be in a better position to improve.

Practice is the key, and with some smart strategies, you are nowhere far from your goals. Be consistent and put your best foot forward to compete for your dream job. Are you feeling lost on how to ace your dream job? We’re here to help you. Schedule a call now.