Many organizations today are trying to find a new normal amid the p andemic, but they falter because one cannot simply find a new normal, they must create it.

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across our nation and the globe, organizations are struggling with short term and long term impacts and restructuring. Let’s face it, many of us have thrived on meticulously planning and controlling not only our day-to-day but those of our employees as well. In the past, we have prided ourselves on organization, planning, and execution. But with the ever-changing climate in today’s workforce, how are we supposed to keep up? The answer to that is, we must be prepared to be flexible!


“Flexibility is the key to stability.”

~ John Wooden


Let’s think of our new normal as a game of Jenga, but not in the sense that it is a game of chance, but rather as a game of strategy. There are many different pieces, but each piece holds the stability of the structure. If one piece is swept out from under us there must be appropriate procedures in place to keep the structure from tumbling down. We mustn’t let one piece hold all the weight; evenly distribute the weight amongst the pieces so that when one piece is swept out, the structure is still stable.

Community & Connection: Support your teams, build connections, and reduce uncertainty.


Our teams need to regain their footing and a sense of connection therefore, organizations must take time to address their staff’s experience now. Your staff can be feeling as if they lost a sense of community and connection. Create a space for your team to find their balance. Yes, building systems to accommodate this ever-changing current climate is important, but remember the best systems don’t fix a broken employee/company culture. They want to know that we have their back and best interests at heart!




Another way to support our teams and organizations is to ensure that we are investing in technology now. It does not matter how large or small your organization is, we must adapt and grow with the changing times. With that comes the ease and ability to work remotely. Provide your teams with tools to uplift productivity and establish remote teamwork. Some will say that technology is not relevant to the employee experience, but in fact, it certainly plays an important role.

While we are uncertain what the future will exactly hold, we must remember that new opportunities and ways to conduct business will prevail. Let’s all remember to stay calm, communicate with one another, and ensure that the new normal we are putting into place aligns with our purpose, mission, and values. We have all been affected professionally and personally during this p andemic, but our strength will show in our determination and recovery.