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9 Tips for Finally Getting That Promotion

You’ve put in your time and you feel that you’re ready for more responsibility and a bigger paycheck. Maybe you’ve been passed over for a couple of positions or maybe you’re just motivated to give yourself the best possible chance for success.

There are steps you can take to enhance your odds of taking the next step in your career.

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Be proactive and advance your career with these strategies:

1. Avoid gossip and drama.

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There’s little to be gained by getting involved with gossip and drama. You’ll find that the real power players within your organization avoid this type of activity and think little of those that partake. You might make a new friend or two, but they’re unlikely to ever be in the position to help you.

2. Be early and stay late.

As a general rule, you don’t want to be the last one to show up to work or the first to leave. Ensure everyone is aware that you’re putting in your hours. Put in the necessary facetime to get the respect you deserve.

3. Be orderly and organized.

Everyone should know that you have your work under control. If you’re disorganized, it gives the impression that you can’t handle your workload. Others will assume that you can’t handle more responsibility.

4. Provide solutions.

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Most employees provide complaints, but no solutions. Stand out to the higher-ups by bringing potential solutions. You’ll be a breath of fresh air and make a great impression. Think about the issues in your workplace and begin working on a few solutions.

5. Ask what you can do to get promoted.

Ask your boss, or his boss, what you need to do to receive a promotion. You’ll be one of the few that have ever asked. And if you actually follow the suggestions given, your boss might feel obligated to give you that promotion.

6. Speak up at meetings.

The average employee abhors meetings and either complains or has a blank look on their face while wondering where they went wrong in life. Stand out by paying attention and asking an intelligent question or making a pertinent comment.

7. Be reliable.

Get your work done on time. Show up to meetings on time. Arrive at work on time. You know which of your coworkers are reliable and which are not. Your boss is well aware, too.

8. Dress for the position.

Young handsome professional man wearing formal attire at work

Have you ever noticed that supervisors dress a certain way, and the managers all dress differently? This is true from the bottom to the top in any organization. Dress like you already have the position you desire.

9. Be willing to change departments or even companies.

To receive a promotion, there needs to be an opening. Depending on the size of your department and company, it might be a while. Consider your options outside of your current department.

Avoid being passive if you want to increase the odds of getting a promotion. Employers prefer employees that take the initiative. Advancing your career is your responsibility. Find ways to stand out in a positive way from your fellow coworkers. Earn the right to expect a promotion, and don’t be afraid to look for outside opportunities, too.

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