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Declutter Your Mind With Organization and Think Positive

Do you wish you could enjoy life without being distracted by disturbing thoughts and worrying about tasks you need to finish? How about getting back the hours you spend searching for lost keys and fixing careless errors because you’re doing too many things at once?

Decluttering your mind can sharpen your focus and relieve stress.

Try these suggestions for taking control of your thoughts. See how getting organized and positive thinking both help you to declutter your mind.

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Tips for Getting Organized

You probably know that becoming organized could save you time and money and protect your mental and physical well-being. However, there may be challenges in your way, like indecisiveness and lack of skills.

Use these strategies to turn things around:

1. Set priorities

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, cut back on your commitments. Figure out which activities give you the most satisfaction and let go of the rest.

2. Plan your schedule

Post it ina notebook with written notes

Manage your time, so you can devote more resources to your top priorities. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish and set specific deadlines. 3. Tidy up. Your physical surroundings affect your productivity

Clear off your desk and kitchen counters. Upgrade your storage and filing systems. Take your shoes off when you come in the door and use paper-free options as much as possible.

4. Simplify your lifestyle

Value quality more than quantity. Limit your possessions and media consumption. Turn off your phone for at least one hour each day, especially during mealtimes and before going to bed.

5. Slow down

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Avoid rushing around. Allow yourself enough time to get dressed in the morning and do your grocery shopping. Attend fewer meetings and take breaks throughout the day.

6. Breathe deeply

When you’re under pressure, your breath becomes shallow and rapid. Inhale slowly through your nose and feel your abdomen rise and fall. You’ll think more clearly when your brain is getting more oxygen.

7. Write things down

Take notes and make recordings to remind yourself about what you need to do later. It will make it easier to focus on what you're trying to accomplish now.

Tips for Thinking Positive

Even if you’re not an optimist by nature, you can train yourself to look on the bright side. You’ll have more energy, and you may live longer.

These activities can help you to think positive and declutter your mind:

1. Explore your purpose

Think about what makes your life meaningful and satisfying. It’s easier to persevere through challenges if you remember the reasons behind your activities.

2. Focus on solutions. Shift your attention to the things you can control

Word focus written with definition

Break big projects down into smaller steps. Create short-term goals and milestones, so you can see that you’re making progress.

3. Cultivate gratitude

Count your blessings each morning or before you go to sleep. Keep a journal where you can write about the happy events that occur each day. Let others know when their presence makes a difference in your life.

4. Seek support

Surround yourself with family and friends who love and care about you. Talk about your feelings and ask for help when you need it. Gather together to have fun and laugh.

5. Give generously

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Helping others can put your own troubles into perspective and strengthen your sense of belonging. You also build your confidence by putting your skills to work.

6. Practice self-care. Your physical health affects your mental wellbeing

Look after yourself with a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Get plenty of sleep and spend time doing things you love.

Make your days more orderly and peaceful. Clearing away mental clutter allows you to accomplish more with less effort. You’ll feel happier, and you’ll be able to create the life you want and deserve.

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