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Enjoy More Productive Workdays With These Strategies

Some of us get a lot more done at work than others. If you’re one of those people that never accomplish as much as you should, you need some new strategies. Being productive is about preparation and good habits.

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Be the most productive person in your company with these strategies:

1. A productive workday starts the day before.

Task list written in a note book with numbers and a pen

Take 10 minutes before you leave work to create a preliminary plan for the following day. Do this while the day is still fresh in your mind. Consider those tasks that you failed to complete and what is most important to address tomorrow.

  • You can think about it some more on the drive home. When you get home, alter your plan accordingly. Before you go to bed, finalize your plan for tomorrow and make a concrete list of tasks to follow.

  • Choose your clothes for the following day and ensure you have gas in the car.

2. Avoid multitasking.

Studies show that you can accomplish more by focusing on a single task, rather than switching back and forth between two or more. Use this information to your advantage. You’ll get more done with less stress.

3. Have a morning routine that gets you primed for work.

This includes things like your wakeup time, morning grooming routine, and breakfast. You might want to glance at your to-do list, too. Some exercise is also a good idea.

  • Create your routine with an emphasis on getting yourself physically and mentally ready for work.

4. Hit the ground running.

A man and a woman grabbing coffee on the way to work

Rather than easing into your day, get started on the items on your list ASAP. If you’re ahead of schedule, you can relax later in the

day. A good morning ensures that you’ll have a productive day.

  • Avoid the temptation to chat around the coffee pot. Grab your coffee, shut the door, and get to work!

5. Eliminate distractions.

You already know how you distract yourself at work. Make the necessary adjustments. If people are interrupting you, politely ask them what they need and then inform them you have a lot of work to do.

6. Get help.

If you have anyone available that can lighten your load, ask them for assistance. If you have employees, ensure that you’re giving them enough work to keep them busy. One thing that will allow you to accomplish more is making the most of your resources. That includes the people around you.

7. Keep meetings to a minimum.

Schedule as few meetings as possible and keep them short. Most meetings are too long and ineffective. No one likes them, and they ruin everyone’s momentum. You’ll be a hero if you become known for short and infrequent meetings.

8. Take regular breaks.

Take a break in a laptop keyboard

No one accomplishes more by never taking a break. Regular breaks are necessary for your mind and body. At least once each hour, get up and walk around for five to 10 minutes. Say “hi” to a colleague and then get back to work.

  • These short breaks will allow you to get more done for the day. You’ll still feel fresh in the afternoon, too.

You can increase your productivity dramatically by adopting a few new habits and preparing the night before. You can be the most productive person in your company.

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