With vaccines being widely distributed around the world, we can now start the shift to a phase of a new normal. Shops are now open again for business, offices can now let their employees work inside the building, and tourist destinations are open and welcoming guests again.


With businesses opening up again, new employees are going to be needed. What does hiring and recruitment look like in this new era?


As a result of the pandemic, almost everything possible has been done digitally.  Most employees worked in the comforts of their homes to continue service, food shops shifted from dine-in to just take-out and deliveries, and physical shops shifted to online.


Now that businesses are opening back up again. Businesses will possibly be needing to recruit new employees, one change is surely here to stay. It’s digital recruitment. According to a Sage report, about 24% of businesses started utilizing AI for their talent acquisition needs, and 56% of managers plan to do the same thing in the next twelve months. AI tools that help in recruitment processes were already on the rise even before the pandemic, but it certainly fast-forwarded it by a ton.


To help you with recruitment, here are a few tips:


Make digital hiring a mainstay for your business

Invest in hiring technologies like automation and AI. This will help you acquire talents from a wider scope, secure hiring consistency, increase hiring accuracy, eliminate hiring bias, and speed up the whole hiring process.


Reevaluate the skills needed

Since the pandemic has shown companies how important it is to have access to remote work, as a business that is revamping numbers it would be great to reconsider the qualities you should be looking for in an employee. A candidate who is flexible, can easily adapt to changes, has good communication skills, and of course, has good computer skills will certainly be a must. You can do digital assessments, video interviews, online reference checking, and other hiring tools.


Don’t forget about the personal touch

By using technology for your hiring and recruiting process you are speeding up the whole process. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be less humane. With automation, you can save effort and time from profiling each applicant. Use this advantage to communicate with your candidates. Try to get to know them better and be more personal and high-touch. Remember that you are not using technology to replace the human connection created by a recruiter. Technology is just there to help and support you in screening and filtering through the data faster and error-free.


Digital assessments, video interviewing, online reference checking, and other hiring and recruiting technologies should not be just a short-term patch for your business. Use these resources to your advantage and you will surely gain an edge.


And if you need your recruitment efforts handled for you…don’t hesitate to reach out!