In the new, fast-paced world of social media and the internet, hiring and recruitment managers must turn up the pace and adopt new, dynamic strategies to keep up with the times. One of the most innovative and engaging ways to recruit top talent is through a recruitment podcast – a five-minute podcast hosted by hiring managers intended to advertise job vacancies and give job seekers a sneak peek into the companies they just may join in the near future.

Recruitment Podcasts

Here are four reasons why using podcasts in the recruitment process is the way of the future and a sure-fire method to finding the cream of the crop:

A podcast can familiarize candidates with company culture, the position they’re seeking, and the managers they’d be working under.

  • In just five minutes, and without leaving the house or the car, job seekers can gain a world of knowledge about your company and your vacancies – and can be powerful incentives for top candidates to apply.

Recording a podcast is quick, easy, and cheap.

  • It doesn’t take high-quality equipment, vast scores of valuable time, or professional experience to record a podcast. All you really need is the right software and a host for your podcast – all of which are easy to find and sometimes even freely available.

Podcasts within job descriptions attract the best candidates.

  • The verdict is in companies that have incorporated podcasts into their hiring process have vastly improved the quality of their recruits and report increased satisfaction from employees that they have brought on through recruitment podcasts.

Rather than being about the day-to-day inanities of the job, the job search is focused on the hiring manager’s vision for the position.

  • By allowing hiring managers to host and write their own recruitment podcasts, the hiring process becomes intrinsically centered around the manager’s unique perspective on and conception of the job.


So, what’s next?


Once you’ve decided to implement podcasts into your recruitment process, you must convince your hiring managers that a short amount of their time is a fair price for evocative job postings and a stronger candidate pool. Plan your podcast around essential questions to ask hiring managers while recording and engage free or paid online tools to record, edit, and host your podcast. As you include podcasts in your job listings, watch the passive talent roll in and your candidate pool fill with dynamic candidates with optimal experience and skill.


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