The world has turned upside down! We are all feeling overwhelmed, stressed and uncertain about our futures. Let’s now include being thrown into a new Work From Home environment that we have never navigated before. For some, this can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

” If we don’t change, we don’t grow.
If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living”
~Gail Sheehy


Companies and their employees are being challenged in ways that they haven’t seen or experienced before. Given the changing environment, it is now important to shift how we live our professional and personal lives.

Value, Recognition & Community Connection

Despite our current ever-changing climate, recognizing your high performers is integral to employee engagement and continued productivity. They have been thrust into unfamiliar territory and most are working tirelessly to uphold structure and regular business dealings. Recognize those hard-working employees! Show them that not only are they an asset but that they are valued. Encourage employees to practice self-love and wellbeing. Promote community connection and personal/professional development.  After all, if your employees don’t take care of themselves then ultimately they will start to feel burnt out and stressed, thus being less efficient in their daily professional dealings.

In this new normal where we all feel isolated it is crucial to deliver a sense of community and belonging, but on a digital scale as we are unable to chat with colleagues in the break room or by the water cooler. As we have spoken of before in prior posts, many of our communications are left up to interpretation, are delayed or taken out of context. As employers, we must create a new platform and new systems to get ahead of this potential threat and downfall in productivity. Encourage casual discussions among your staff, it doesn’t always have to be about business. By encouraging these conversations a sense of community will then start to sprout and grow. We can even take it a step further and use our digital chat features to ask non-professional, but appropriate questions to engage your employees.

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

We are all mostly working from home in these times, we must take a moment to recognize what some of the challenges our employees are facing. Are they parents who are now having to balance home school and work? Are they providing care to elderly family members? As challenges come and go daily within our companies so will our staffs’ challenges and as such we must shift with them. Provide an environment of understanding and provide tools to aid them. Make comforts available to them amongst social distancing and Shelter in place restrictions.

! We are all in this together and together we WILL prevail. Career Path Staffing is here for anyone needing assistance or guidance. Do not hesitate to reach out!


Blue Board has put together great resources to improve the in-home experience. Click here to watch a short video



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