One of the most crucial ways to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job is having a job description posted that reflects exactly what you need. If you are copying and pasting the same job description repeatedly, you are probably not getting the return of candidates you need for the given position.

Things to include in your job descriptions:

● Reporting structure

● Summary of the position

● Key duties and responsibilities

● Compensation

● Job location/attendance policy

● Qualifications

● Educational requirements

● Qualities/interpersonal skills

It is important to update every description you post. Job descriptions can evolve with each new person you need to fill that role. For instance, Kayla was great at the accounting clerk position, but she is now leaving for another opportunity. You need to replace her, but how can you find someone to fill her shoes and potentially act better in that role than even her?

You should evaluate her job description and make sure it reflects the duties she was performing. Ask around the accounting department about what skills she possessed that need to be included in the information. Be specific about what attributes you are looking for. When you lose an employee, always make an effort to hire a better replacement, no matter how good they were.

Having a great job description is the first step in getting a great hire. It’s best to be as transparent as possible to gain a collection of qualified candidates. If you would like help in formulating job postings, we are here to help.