Do you have a funny email? Is it unusual and creative like an explosion of colors, out-of-this world kind of amazing or unforgettable in every way imaginable? Your email is yours after all, so feel free to express your ideas through this means. However, using “that” type of unique email for finding a job and introducing yourself to prospective employers might not be the best plan.


Many people believe that an email address doesn’t matter on a resume. However, this can be detrimental to your job search success. Your email address has another function aside from sending and receiving information- it represents YOU! Many seem to disregard what kind of impression an email address can have on a resume – it gets overlooked pretty frequently.


A cute and funny email address may seem entertaining to you, but would a prospective employer find it as such? It seems like the kind of thing that could be seen as unprofessional.

Email Address On ResumeGuide For Choosing An Effective Email Address

Keep these in mind when considering an email address for your resume:

  1. Think about how your email address will represent you. Put yourself in the position of a potential employer reviewing information on a job candidate and determine if they are worth considering for employment or not, would your email address cause the employer to overlook you as a candidate?
  2. Keep it relevant. The most outrageous email address I have ever seen was from a person who applied for a job but didn’t get it. Their email address was “monkeyfarts@…” and just seeing this made me feel like they had no chance at all to be hired.
  3. Do not underscores.
  4. It is ok to utilize numbers, but if it looks like a year/date this may be detrimental.
  5. Your email address should not be suggestive, flirtatious, generic, silly, or funny.
  6. It should be professional and easy to remember.
  7. It should include your name, preferably your first name and last name. This will make it easier for prospective employers to find “‘you” in their inboxes.
  8. If you have a common name, you could associate your name with your profession, educational background, or the position you are targeting.


The best way to go about your job search is by creating a separate email address. This will help you keep all of your interactions in one place, so they don’t get mixed up with anything else. If possible, use Gmail or another relevant service instead of AOL or Yahoo.


Make it easy for hiring professionals and your future employer to connect the email you use with your application. Think about how you want to be branded in their eyes when creating a resume, as this will set you up for success if they can easily match your name/email address together on paper. And if you are struggling to successfully create your resume and your professional brand, do not hesitate to reach out to us.