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The Keys to Receiving a Promotion or Raise

Unless you’re one of those lucky people that claim they would still work if they won the lottery, you go to work for the money. And getting a raise or a promotion are two of the ways you can increase your earnings.

While getting either isn’t entirely under your control, there are things you can do to improve your odds greatly. You’ll even raise your odds of finding a better position in another firm.

Team celebrating a co-workers promotion and raise

Use these techniques and get the raise or promotion you deserve:

1. Dress for success.

Dress for the next job you want. Studies have shown that your appearance can make a huge difference when it comes time for a promotion. Avoid overdoing it. Don’t dress like the CEO unless that’s the next obvious transition for you. Dress like your boss.

Woman dressed for success on her way to work

2. Be indispensable.

Be so important that they can’t possibly let you go. They’ll want to promote you or give you a raise just to keep you happy. Think about things you can do that will make you more important at work.

3. Become better at your job.

Promotions and raises often go to those that have earned them. Be the person that deserves it the most. Grow as much as you can regarding your expertise at your job. Find ways you can stand out from your peers. Everyone knows who the best in each department is. Be that person.

4. Know the people that matter and make a good impression.

Every workplace has its movers and shakers. Who are those people in your company? Who is likely to have an opening soon that would be perfect for you? Who do you have to impress in Human Resources? Who makes the decisions that affect your future?

5. Be visible.

If you do great things, but no one knows about them, you’re not getting the most out of your effort. Ensure people know about the great things you’re doing. Choose assignments that have the greatest visibility.

6. Volunteer for assignments.

When there are new opportunities available, be one of the people that volunteers for them. These are a great way to stand out, show that you’re motivated, and grow your presence within the company. If you have any new ideas for how things can be improved, present them.

Employee who has volunteered for new opportunities or assignments at work

7. Get feedback.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Ask your superiors for feedback on your performance at work. Ask for advice on what you can do to get ahead. It shows that you want to do better. It also makes it hard for them not to give you a raise or promotion if you follow their advice.

8. Make your desires known.

Let the appropriate people know that you’re interested in growing your career. Sometimes this is all it takes to start seeing some progress. Talk to your boss and their boss about this. Talk to other department heads that might also be applicable.

9. Be willing to walk away.

It’s sad, but often true, that you won’t be rewarded for your loyalty. Often, it’s the person that’s willing to move on to another company that gets the raise or promotion. If your company strongly believes that you’re not going anywhere, you might be less likely to be rewarded.

Employee moving on to another company who values his abilities more

If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a promotion or raise, it’s time to change your tactics. Make yourself as valuable as you can to your company and ensure that everyone knows about it. Take your career by the horns and get the increased salary you deserve.

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